Construction of shops, workshops, industrial premises and commercial real estate.

Our construction company is engaged in the construction of commercial real estate in Tashkent and other regions of Uzbekistan. We are also engaged in the reconstruction of all types of structures and major repairs. We build all types of commercial real estate:

  • workshops
  • offices
  • catering establishments
  • commercial premises (shops, shopping centers)
  • hotels and hotels
  • administrative buildings
  • gyms, hairdressers, car services

Commercial real estate is essential for any business to operate. This is a serious investment, because even the collection of documents for obtaining a building permit is a meticulous process. Typically, the payback (roi - return of investment) of commercial real estate is 5 years.
Commercial premises can be built both for own use and for rent to generate income.
We not only build, but also design, create a design project.Consultation is also possible and support to discuss construction or land selection issues.

Call us, or if you need work with a project, write a mail letter!!