Construction of warehouses in Uzbekistan

Let's say your business needs a warehouse. Building a warehouse is a great investment. The average payback period for a warehouse is 5 years. We build any warehouses and hangars - dry, refrigerated, "freeze" according to storage conditions, as well as all types of warehouses for their intended purpose - production, transit, distribution. Warehouse operations are an integral part of the smooth operation of a serious business. A warehouse is needed by a business to solve the following tasks:

  • acceptance and transfer of goods;
  • placement of goods in storage places;
  • replenishment of picking places;
  • order picking;
  • delivery routes;
  • control and inventory

    Warehouses can be built from different materials depending on specific conditions and needs. However, the most common warehouse building materials include:
  • Brick and concrete are the most common warehouse building materials as they provide a strong and durable structure. Brick and concrete can withstand heavy loads and provide fire protection.
  • Steel structures are lightweight but strong materials that are widely used for building warehouses. They offer many possibilities for different design options such as ceiling heights and warehouse configurations.
  • Sandwich panels are structural panels consisting of three layers: outer and inner layers of metal (usually steel) and insulation between them. Insulation can be made from different materials, such as polystyrene, mineral wool or polyurethane foam.
  • Small warehouses are usually built from metal structures, large warehouses are recommended to be built from sandwich panels due to structural limitations.

An ideal warehouse is a warehouse that has no inventory or storage is kept to a minimum, while other business objectives are in place. Therefore, write to us, we will design and build the warehouse necessary for your enterprise.
Construction time 1-3 months.